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Our clients' words are the most eloquent evidence of our work. Here is what they say:

When I decided to open my realty company I had a very important decision to make - Who was going to create, design and program my website?

So I decided to do some research. I made a list of 10 companies and I was going to compare each one in 4 different categories: Design, delivery date, price, and functionality. I had to do a great job; this was going to be the face of my company to the world. I had in my list companies from the US, India, Ukraine, Argentina and Panama.

I started to make phone calls to all the companies requesting a proposal and also to see the work that they had done in the past. After a month of work, I was down to 3 companies: one from the United States, one from India, and one from Ukraine.

I eliminated the company from India when I called them and they never returned my phone call. So I was down to 2 companies - one of them was of course FutureVision!!!

When I compared the design, delivery date, price and functionality of the two companies FutureVision was better in all of them. Especially in price - the price was 50% lower!!!

But I was not sure if that was the right decision - First the company was in Ukraine, we spoke different languages and our time zone was different!!! So what should I do!!!

Then one day I got a phone call from Yuri, he was calling me from Ukraine to ask me if I had any questions and to see how they could help me with the website!!! That call was very important for me because it gave a sense of security. Yuri explained me how they had worked in the past with clients from all over the world… They were calling me from the other side of the world so that meant they were serious about my business.

A week later I made my decision: FUTUREVISION.

WAOO, I am so happy that I decided to do my website with FutureVision. Our communication was excellent; they were always there ready to answer my questions and to make sure that I was happy with everything. I made several changes to my design and everyday I wanted something new added to my website and they were always listening to see how they could make what I wanted. I had no trouble with the language since they all speak English... Whenever I had a question I would send them an email in the afternoon and when I got up the next morning it was answered… Better than if they had the same time that we have in Panama.

They gave me 2 different designs to see which one I liked the most - I did not know what to do, both designs were excellent!

Finally I picked one of them and let me tell you it's the best real estate website that I have seen.

When my website was launched I started to get phone calls from my friends, family and even my competition called to see who had made my website!!!!! My clients keep telling me that my website is so friendly that they visit my page every week just to see what's going on!!!!

If I ever have to do another website I WOULD CHOOSE FUTUREVISION!

If anyone has any questions regarding my experience with FutureVision you can call me at (507) 6480 - 2020 and I will be happy to answer all your questions!


Samuel Wolcovinsky
Owner, Flat Fee Realty

FutureVision has the easiest staff to work with, they understood exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much.

Jorge Exposito
Account Manager
Lavel International, LLC

On behalf of ePartner USA, Inc., I want to once again express our appreciation to the FV team for the working relationship we have enjoyed during the past couple of years. We have other projects that will be sent by RFP for 2006. It is hoped that we might continue our excellent business arrangement in a manner mutually beneficial to the parties.

Donald S. Teel
President & CEO
ePartner USA, Inc.

Your team at Futurvision have been great and I am sure I will be needing your services for future projects.

Michael Galligan
KMR Systems

FutureVision is a world-class design firm which I am happy to recommend without reservation. We initially presented the challenging task of redesigning our entire website in Flash including logo design and translations into three languages. FutureVision did a spectacular job with the website and logo design presenting several alternatives and working with us closely to perfect the final design. Their expertise and judgment in this area is first-rate.

Greg Foltz
Executive Director
Neurosurgery International

Are you looking for a team of Internet professionals that will take your project, treat it as their own, and then use your guidance to create a masterpiece? Then LOOK NO FURTHER ! Yass and his team at FutureVision will happily work your project until it has reached perfection. They often quote very reasonable prices and if by chance it is a bit higher then the others, then rest assured there will be added value in their project bid. This is a 5 star rating for a 5 star crew! Now go ahead and give them your project!

Spark 1 Communication

Wow! FutureVision is fantastic! They provide excellent web design and development services. They consistently met AND exceeded my high expectations. Yass is a great project manager and Vitaliy is an outstanding, highly skilled web designer/developer. They are fast, efficient, responsive, and adaptable - a great combination, plus they are really friendly people to work with. They are fully up to speed on all the latest web design techniques and provide thoughtful advice. I highly recommend them!

Kevin B. (Kip) Piper
MA, CHE, President
Health Results Group LLC

These guys are great! It took a little time to explain things and once they knew what to do they did an awesome job! RECOMMENED FOR HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL WEB SITES. Here's a proof: www.eprotos.com

Amin Rupani
Precision Technologies, Inc.

The team, and I do mean TEAM!, of designers over at FutureVision far exceeded my expectations. Not only did they come up with a phenomenal eye-popping design, but they finished it extremely quickly. Additionally, they were very highly responsive right from the very start of the project, up until the very end. I can't say enough great things about them. I will say one more thing though. The work is worth at least 10 times what I paid! World class design at affordable prices. Well done. Thanks guys!!!

Corey Citron

Concorde Group

FutureVision delivered their promise and were able to optimize my www.thirdwheelproductions.com website for top placement in Yahoo and Google. My site is now in the top ten search engine rankings I can't believe they were actually able to do this. I am very impressed. They are Gods of website development! I am so happy I was able to find them. Thank you FutureVision!

Eric Hoffland
Third Wheel Productions

Rarely have I encountered a group of business and creative people as polite, dedicated, and professional as the folks at FutureVision. Not only did FutureVision make the website design and development process extraordinarily fluid and logical, but they also were able to create a first-rate, cutting edge website for a very reasonable price. I have been so impressed with the quality of FutureVision's work, as well as with their congeniality, professionalism, and trustworthiness, that I have urged my employer (a regional law firm) to hire FutureVision to redevelop its website.

Henry J. Fasthoff, IV
President & General Counsel
GrooveDog Media, Inc

You have done an amazing thing building your firm. You should be proud of yourselves!

Alex Nghiem
Blue Samba Solutions, LLC

We have used FutureVision on several successful projects differenc level of complexity: 2 big database driven projects >>> Management Consultancy www.carltonpartners.com and Provision of services to entrepreneurs and start-up companies www.dreamrepublic.com and light presence site Lion Private Banking company: www.courthauld.com. These guys made awesome job with PHP/MySQL programming and developed powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System to the both complex websites. They make possible so the consultants have their personal areas and communicate through the message system and have their file area. FutureVision team is skilled and responsive, with outstanding project management and very competitive fees. Plus they are genuinely nice folks to work with.

Executive Director
Carlton&Partners, Inc

I couldn't be happier with me choice of FutureVision and plan on using them for all my web design needs in the future. They did an unbelievable job and are a pleasure to work with. We have already seen a significant increase in sales and traffic primarily due to the new web site.

Craig M. Banaszewski
President, VIP Getaways Inc.

Scrabble word search is delighted with the new web-site. The content management system enables us to keep the web-site up-dated with far more ease than in the past. The FutureVision team have been prompt and obliging throughout the project.

Scrabble words dictionary

I have been working with the Internet in one way or another since 1994. Over this time I have worked with a lot of web design companies small and large, I even ran one myself for a few years. FutureVision are among the best winning hands down on price, quality and professionalism. They are a pleasure to deal with from the start, they have perfected the art of asking exactly the right questions to understand what you want and then they deliver it, fast.

Dont be put off that they are not based in the same country as you; the team speak excellent English and are always contactable when you need them. We have had two sites designed by FutureVision, one from scratch and one a redesign and both are of a high design quality and really good value for money. Also, having been involved in the business myself, I know that their HTML (the computer language of the web) is first rate and uses the latest techniques to create dazzling websites that work on the maximum number of computers. If you want a reference, call me. I will gladly recommend FutureVision.

Chris Nail, CTO
Bairds Communications Management Consultants
www.hyderus.co.uk, www.bairdscmc.com


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