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Web Development Portfolio: Corporate Website Design

Accentus Technologies



Accentus Technologies Corporation is a privately held corporation in the State of Maryland founded in 2000, organized to provide Information Technology (IT) solutions. Accentus Technologies Corporation provides multi-vendor integration of network systems, Technology Certification courses and software solutions for private business sectors and Local / Federal government.

Project Information

Corporate website design and development for company offering digital communications infrastructure solutions. Their representative contacted FutureVision in August, 2003 with time sensitive request to create high-end corporate website in a very short period of time. The content consisted from around 50 static pages, containing various types of information: text, graphical images and tables. All this information had to be processed, analyzed and structured. Also a lot of attention had to be paid to graphical layout, simplicity of navigation and overall usability. Besides corporate website development and design this project also included Flash Introduction creation. The requirement was to create Introduction that will show and promote services in which Accentus-Technologies specialize. Our team was also entrained into photos selection and advertising texts writing.

Accentus-Technologies project priority was set to highest meaning that we concentrated our best resources on it. The next day after project was acquired we arranged company meeting at which primary aims and milestones were set and development team were assigned. The basis of website design was taken from bank of FutureVision design concepts; we modified and changed this layout to meet client needs and expectations. Each section of a web site has its own avatar photography, total of 6 pictures where selected, edited and inserted into each part of a website. These photos make navigation through this corporate website easier and interesting.

In coding process we used modern technologies and created the website design in "liquid style" making it adjust to fit the window size. This feature let users with small (800x600) and large (1280x1024+) screen resolutions to view the web site without difficulties and with no distortion.


Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, CSS

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