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Web Development Portfolio: Real Estate Agent Website
Macromedia Flash, JavaScript, CSS is a website for professional real estate agent. The website is designed to present information of interest to prospective home-buyers. Web site allows the site owner to focus more on value-added services, such as personalized services for the prospective buyers. It is possible due to the fact that website itself handles basic non-value added tasks, such as:

  • prequalifying buyers
  • answering common questions for buyers
  • listing properties available for sale
  • educating the real estate agent website visitors about services of the site owner.

Site includes classified listing of properties and online ordering form that enhances the communication between buyer and real estate agent. Web site owner can easily update the properties' listings by adding detailed description of each property and uploading its image. The web site is polished, clean and quick to load. This website design and development is an excellent example of how Internet can help the real estate agent in his or her work.

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