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FutureVision is glad to introduce CommerceLab, the best online store offering ready-made and custom solutions for Magento-based websites. We are a team of professional Magento developers providing a full range of web services connected with Magento ecommerce solutions at competitive prices.

We can proudly state that CommerceLab is the only online company offering high-quality Magento modules of any kind. In our online store you can find really interesting and handy Magento extensions and Magento modules, the purpose of which is to increase the effectiveness of your website.

With our Magento based solutions both website owners and managers can rejoice - now working with Magento is even more pleasant!

The prior aim of CommerceLab is to deliver unique Magento solutions that would make Magento based website even more interactive, live and functional. With that purpose in mind, the team of Magento developers has created a number of useful extensions that would greatly boost your website:

  1. Tabs Magento Extension. It allows creating an unlimited number of tabs and place them in any content of your site.
  2. Movable Blocks Magento Extension. It lets you place sidebars in the places you want to see them on your Magento website.
  3. Category Tree Magento Extension. It displays the structure of categories in the tree form for better navigation.
  4. AJAX Cart Magento Extension. It allows adding products to a cart without page reload.
  5. News Magento Extension. It allows placing news on your Magento based website and use a number of additional features. This Magento extension is absolutely free to download!
  6. SmoothGallery Magento Extension. It allows viewing pictures and images of high resolutions in a nicely organized gallery.
  7. Imageconf Magento Extension. It allows controlling the image quality of products on your website.
  8. Twitter Magento Extension. Let your customers twit about your Magento based store without leaving your website. This Magento extension is absolutely free to download!
  9. Dibs Magento Extension. This Magento module will integrate your Magento-based site with DIBS - the payment system, which is widely used in Scandinavian countries. This Magento extension is absolutely free to download!
  10. Related products Magento Extension. This Magento module allows you to increase your sales! Each user, being on the product page, will be able to see a list of similar products.
  11. Flash Player Magento Extension. This Magento module allows you to load a Flash video about a certain product in .flv format and then display it in Ajax-window on the product page.

And this is just the beginning. New and more powerful Magento extensions are yet to be developed and presented in the nearest future.

As well as delivering ready-made solutions, our Magento development team offers the following services:

  • Development of Magento-based websites;
  • Development of Magento custom modules;
  • Modifications of Magento modules;
  • Transition of your existing website onto Magento platform;
  • Installation of Magento modules on your hosting website;
  • Development of Magento design for your store.

Long-lasting collaboration with customers is our main priority in delivering either ready-made or custom Magento extensions. That is why we pay great attention to the quality of our Magento products and Magento development services. Professionalism and quality are above all!

Moreover, all our modules are universal, designed in accordance with Magento standards, and are suitable for most Magento versions. We are confident that our experience in Magento development will be useful to your e-commerce business!

You can get acquainted with our Magento developments here.

Futurevision became a part of CommerceLab.

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